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Public Citizen debates Fox News on Climate Change


Yesterday Public Citizen’s Energy Program Director, Tyson Slocum, debated a Fox News anchor on whether climate change is real:


-Tyson Slocum

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  1. Michael Kirkby permalink
    01/08/2011 12:47 pm

    Since the inception of HAARP and many other programs like it we have been playing with the ionoshpere which can and has had deleterious effects on our climate. I know that some out there will immediately raise the “spook slider word – conspiracy”. It’s called neuro linguistic programing; a technique to bedazzle an individual or the masses into compliance against anything that may require the person to think for them self. Obama used it to great success.
    They don’t want you to even consider it. A good example of direct interference is the Beijing Games when China was seeding the atmosphere to provide clement weather? They paid for that a little later and have been doing so every year since. Their environment around Beijing is so bad that they actually brought into effect a law prohibiting spitting in public. They had thousands of people out painting the grass green. Let’s hope that nothing ever happens to the Three Gorges Dam. That would be a disaster of monumental proportions.
    Two thirds of the world population live in Asia Major, Africa and South East Asia. The majority of the people cook with fossil fuels. Automobiles have no emission controls and sewage is allowed to seep into the waterways and aquifers. Yes we do have an affect on climate but the planet also affects changes to compensate as is required for it to remain healthy.
    The powers that be don’t want you to consider that because it would affect their bottom line; and it would derail the common belief that the international financiers have fomented that the industrial nations are to blame. They don’t want the facts to alter the game of redistributing the west’s wealth; the bankruptcy of nations; the recreation of national policies that benefit no one but them and the enforced slavery of the world’s population; reduced or otherwise.
    All that being said, we are responsible for what we do in this world and in this life, and the next one. Our technologies and our societies and practices have an affect on climate. How much would changes in the ionosphere impact on our climate and the quality of our lives? I think a great deal and I think it is something that is being overlooked in the subject of climate change. Let’s keep an open mind and let’s consider all the aspects of the situation rather than developing tunnel vision which profits no-one except the people at the very top who hide behind the curtains in the shadows.

  2. Jim permalink
    01/08/2011 9:32 pm

    Up until very recently, yes, nature was able to compensate for greenhouse gasses. The ocean is a (not unlimited) CO2 sink, rain forests are also CO2 sinks. But with exponential population growth, and along with that, more usage of fossil fuels, nature has reached it’s limited ability to compensate. Therefore, the concentration of CO2 (along with other greenhouse gasses from other sources) is absolutely increasing in the atmosphere. Water plus CO2= Carbonic acid. The result of acidification of the worlds oceans is for one the slow death of the worlds coral reefs, and increase of acid rain. Massive clearcutting of the worlds rain forests. I would hope that every individual with any education whatsoever, or even being exposed to other people with some education understands that plants/trees/shrubs use CO2 to produce O2 through the photosynthetic process. So it seems pretty obvious what the end result of clearcutting is. CO2 is definitely a greenhouse gas. It’s action is to convert UV light into light towards the red spectrum, and then to retain this as heat. This is what all forms of greenhouse gasses do. They trap sunlight, and convert this energy into heat. Denial of this fact, or disregarding this fact is the problem. Anyone who states otherwise is outright lying, simply because they can. They are taking advantage of everyone’s ignorance, and hope that the so-called leaders will just do the right thing. So, can anyone tell me that the fricking republicans, and their constituents have my best interests in mind? I think that they could give a rats ass about anything other than their desire for power, and to control everything. Their so-called stance of christianity, and conservativism, is just a blinder for the purpose of manipulating as many people as possible.

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